NMG Welcomes Allison Rigler

Allison Rigler


NMG Corporation is proud to welcome well-known industry professional Allison Rigler as Account Director. Allison has spent 20 years in sales and direct marketing working for recognized names such as IBS Direct, DMW Direct, Devon Direct and Great Atlantic Graphics.

She will be introducing NMG services and on-boarding customers ranging from direct marketers to established agencies and letter shops throughout the Northeast Corridor.


Anatomy of a Direct Mail Package

Customized MailDirect mail packages come in all shapes and sizes that is what makes direct mail one of the most flexible of the direct marketing media. A standard direct mail package includes an envelope, a letter, a brochure, and a response card. Another popular format is the self-mailer – typically a postcard. More complex direct mail packages include a gift or product sample. Packages with gifts and samples are practically guaranteed to be opened by consumers at home.

The envelope’s job is to motivate the recipient to open the package. The recipient’s decision whether to open, set aside, or discard the mailing piece takes just one or two seconds. The envelope must distinguish itself from other mail by its size, appearance, and/or any copy that might be written on it. Envelopes made to look like an invitation might grab someone’s attention faster than a plain envelope, for example. Other choices that are made concerning envelopes include color and texture, window or closed, and further customization.

The letter is a sales letter and provides the opportunity to directly address your prospect. In a sense the letter replaces the salesperson in face-to-face selling. The more personal the sales letter, the more effective it will be. The letter must address not only the product or service and its benefits, but also the concerns and needs of your prospect. Illustrated brochures can also be included and are used to sell services as well as products. Brochures come in a range of sizes and different folds. While the use of color may increase response, the brochure’s look should fit the product or service it is selling.

Finally, the package must include a response device, such as a business reply card or coupon that the recipient can send back. Response rates are generally higher when the response piece is separate from, rather than part of, the brochure or letter. Toll-free numbers are often prominently displayed to allow the recipient to respond via telephone. However, since some customers will not use the phone to place an order, a response card should be included in addition to a toll-free number. The key to a successful response device is to keep it simple and easy to fill out.

Those are the basics for a typical direct mail package. There are nearly endless options and combinations that can be put together to create a completely custom package for your company and its offerings. Whether your campaign is designed to boost membership, affinity, or subscriptions, we can help you plan and produce components ranging from forms inserts and statements to business-reply cards and envelopes. We will then manage the process of personalizing and mailing them to completely streamline your workflow, control costs and ensure consistent branding throughout.

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Get The Most From Your Package Inserts

Package InsertsEvery piece of direct mail you receive (and even things like credit card statements) contains a package insert. Most often these are used in a promotional capacity or to provide additional information about the main offer.

With their limited real estate, inserts often prove to be one tough design challenge. But those who accept and master that challenge are rewarded with entree into a cost-effective channel that delivers strong ROI.

Here are some creative ideas NMG Corp suggests to get the most from your package inserts:

  1. Make them tactile whenever possible. Stickers or custom lift windows are more intricate to create but get a better response from recipients. Get them to interact with your insert and you’ll see an increase in sales.
  2. Emphasize the word “free” above everything else. In inserts – maybe even more than in other forms of direct mail – “free” is the most powerful statement you can make.
  3. Place secondary emphasis on your great price. Make it seem even greater by having a price, crossing it out and writing in a lower one.
  4. Develop a “choice” offer. Great success has been had with choice offers such as “get 20% off or select a second item free.”
  5. Create urgency with order deadlines. To give your insert a life, test vague deadlines, such as “order within the next 10 days” or “send no money now” or “order today”.
  6. Test different sizes. Test going as big as the direct mail package will allow – which usually brings in higher response against a smaller size, which will have a more affordable unit price.
  7. Keep it clean and simple. The limited space of an insert doesn’t allow much room for complicated offers or graphics. Don’t confuse things by selling multiple items; just keep the emphasis on the price and one primary product image.

NMG has consistently exceeded the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturers, earning its role as go-to production facility for package inserts. Capable of printing and folding according to the unique specs of each brand, NMG’s quality and attention to detail provides industry print buyers with confidence and peace of mind.

Direct Mail Benefits Large Businesses

Healthcare MarketingDirect mail is a good strategy for large industries because physical media can often leave a bigger impression on consumers than digital methods. In fact, contrary to popular belief, direct mail can be more measurable and valuable to marketers than electronic campaigns.

Most involved with marketing today, especially younger managers and staff, believe that in this digital age social media and online marketing are the most effective solution to drawing in their target market. However, direct mail marketing is still the strongest and most measurable marketing solution. It is also scalable so your strategies and campaigns can grow as your company does.

At NMG Corp, we handle all of the preparation, printing, and mailing to ensure that every direct mail campaign is customized and personalized to break through the clutter of other marketing messages your customers are receiving.

NMG’s direct mail marketing services encompass every aspect of each campaign. The products we provide include letters, package inserts, postcards, brochures, sales letters, statements, envelopes, forms, self-mailers, and more. We know that each direct marketing campaign will deliver results, enhance loyalty and ultimately grow our clients’ businesses.

Please contact use for more information or with any questions you have. We are happy to discuss your project and specific needs anytime. 610-524-1600.

8 Ways to Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out

Customized MailDirect mail only gives out what you put into it. Here are ten eye-catching ideas to make your direct mail stand out:

  1. A direct mail document that uses yellow, legal-sized manila envelopes look impressive and official. This is an old idea, but the professional-looking package will get people to open it up.
  2. Samples Sell. If you can, put some sort of sample into the flyer, like a tile sample, carpet sample, or similar. If your business doesn’t have samples, add a coupon for a large percentage off of the product, or free service.
  3. Print decorative first class labels on the envelope.
  4. Print an admonition on the envelope that it should not be opened at any cost. Then, either on the back of the envelope or on the inside, print something similar to, “…until you’re ready for the deal of a lifetime!”
  5. Bold stickers that say things such as “Time Sensitive!” “Open immediately!” or “Response requested!” can also be handy tools for getting the recipient to take a look at what’s inside.
  6. Put something inside the envelope that bulks it up or rattles around—pen-and-pad sets, slogan buttons, and the like will beef up your envelope and make it beg the recipient to see what’s inside.
  7. Personalize It! If you can take the time to do the research and target specific clients, a handful of personally written, well-researched direct letters can really impress your clients.
  8. How about a Resume? Craft your direct mail circular like a resume for your company and product, including experience, accomplishments, and all the key phrases you’d want to see on a resume—you’re applying for their business, after all.

Contact NMG Corp today to discuss your upcoming direct mail project. We will work with you to get you the best results and return on your investment. We are available Monday through Friday at 610-524-1600.

Custom Continuous Forms

Continuous FormsAs the forms and document management industry continues to evolve, NMG Corp maintains its position as a leader in the production of short- and long-run custom continuous forms. Dedicated to a low-cost manufacturing advantage, NMG puts to work all of its resources to provide a cost-effective and superior product for their clients.

We provide custom continuous form and snap-set form services to businesses complete with variable data printing, barcodes, NCR, and full color printing to meet all of your business form needs. Continuous Forms are a cost-effective way to produce large volumes of custom printed forms.

Continuous forms are manufactured from a continuous roll of paper that is not cut into units prior to the manufacturing process. Custom continuous forms can be designed and manufactured to meet the project’s specific requirements. NMG’s equipment and partnerships are built for speed and large-capacity, printing in up to 8 colors and finishing as rolls, fan-folded or sheets. You will benefit from a full range of critical features, from pin feed and perforation wheels to variable repeats and die-cutting. Our production team and project managers also have decades of lettershop experience, so your forms will be properly prepped and shepherded through laser processing and mailing services.

Differentiate yourself by partnering with NMG for your custom continuous forms. Options such as ink colors, perforation positions, and sizes, allow you to be creative and customize your look to carry your brand through every piece your customers see.

Why Use Custom Trade Show Displays

Floor DisplayThe importance of making a good impression at a trade show cannot be overstated. If everything goes right, a good trade show exhibit will draw customers in and return sales and leads. You need to create a compelling exhibit that attracts a crowd. Your business will face fierce competition with other businesses that also want the spotlight for their creative trade shows booths. Fortunately, you can partner with NMG Corp to create a display that stands out. Here is a look at a few ways trade show displays win over visitors and impress crowds.

1. Visitors Have an Incentive

One of the biggest reasons a custom trade show display will generate more traffic is because it clearly shows off your business & offers. You can make custom designs larger and more functional than other booths and displays. If you’re putting up a food display, for instance, you can design room for free samples. More than that, however, you can make them look tempting on the display, which will automatically draw in more visitors.

2. Colorful Displays Catch the Eye

A run-of-the-mill display is functional but it won’t necessarily have the wow factor. By designing your own, you can create your own wow. For example, instead of choosing plain tables and foldouts you can customize a colorful, eye-catching booth that stands out from the crowd. Get crazy with banners, logos, fliers, and details. Never go with plain colors. Even if people walking by don’t necessarily need what you’re selling, odds are they’ll feel the pull of your colorful display.

3. The Booth Is Custom-Tailored

Do you need a consultation space? Will you launch demonstrations of your product or service? Will you have an interactive station meant to let people see your app, video game, or program in action? All of these activities require the details you can only get with a custom display.

4. Stand Out from the Crowd

As people walk by the booths and displays at a trade show, they’re pulled in by the displays that look interesting. You can’t settle on function alone or you’ll lose potential business. Designing your own display means that you can shine above and beyond the competition. On a floor of booths all striving for the same thing, you can make your business’s display stand out and grab the attention you want.

Call NMG Corp today to discuss your needs and ideas for your next trade show. Our commitment to being an end-to-end supplier for our customers has enabled us to continually expand our product and service offering. Our internal production team and project managers oversee the smooth execution of diverse marketing projects and programs.

The Importance of Direct Mail Marketing

NMG CorpWith the growth of technology and the Internet, there has been a steady decline in direct mail marketing campaigns. However, implementing an integrated marketing approach is the best way to expand your reach. Touching a customer across multiple channels will not only maximize your branding, but will also keep your company at the forefront of your customers minds. Research also indicates that direct mail is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing strategies. Here are some of the benefits to direct mail.

1. High ROI

The United States Postal Service reported that 98% of consumers bring their mail in the day it is delivered, and 77% sift through it immediately. The ability to reach the consumer is one of the hardest parts of marketing, so direct mail, unlike email marketing, there is no spam filter keeping you from reaching your potential customers.

2. Flexibility

Direct mail is flexible in that it can serve a variety of different goals. It can be used as an invitation or short-term promotional tool, like in the form of a coupon or sales collateral. This would be an excellent approach for a new company that is looking to generate quick revenue.

Direct mail can also be used as a reminder or informational tool. This is perfect for companies looking to establish long-term relationships with their clients. These mailers are usually very personalized and serve the purpose of reminding the client about their relationship. They could be the form of birthday cards or other holiday reminders, or even Newsletters that give that individual a glimpse into the inner workings of your company.

3. Effective and Efficient

Direct mail is one of the most measurable forms of marketing—you can easily record the number of mailers that are sent out, and use coupons or codes to record response rates. Not only is it measurable, but it also allows you to easily target your recipients. Unlike other forms of marketing that can hit outside of your target market, direct mail is personalized to the point that you are able to select a geographical target, demographical, or even physiological group.

5 Common Direct Mail Mistakes

MarketingAre you wasting money? It’s a simple question, and yet few business owners ask themselves that before launching their direct mail campaign. When executed correctly, direct mail can be one of the most cost-efficient ways to generate new customers. But if you’re new to direct mail it can be easy to fall in to these expensive pitfalls. Here’s our list of 5 common direct mail mistakes to avoid:

1.    Using Outdated or Poorly Targeted List.
Perhaps you’ve accumulated a huge mailing list over the past few years, but when was the last time you did a little Spring cleaning? Are all the addresses still up to date and accurate?  Also keep in mind that just because your list is 10,000 people, this particular direct mail piece might not be relevant for all of  them.  A good rule of thumb is to create subgroups within your main list so you can send more targeted offers to a smaller group as needed.  This saves costs and boosts the quality the message.  If you are buying a list, make sure you are very selective when choosing it. Plan to do some research before spending any money, as sometimes lists can be out of date or not composed of the demographics that you want to impact.

2. Weak  Call to Action?
Not having a clear call to action is a sure fire way to sabotage a direct mail campaign.    A call to action is a short and concise way of letting the recipient know how they can take you up on your offer. Something like “Visit our Website Today” or “Call Now before this Great Offer ends” will give people short and clear instructions on how to take advantage of the immediate opportunity.

3. Deals that don’t resonate with your Audience
Think about the reason why you’re sending out this direct mail piece and try to view it objectively. Be honest — if you were a recipient, would you really be interested in this deal?  If you’re not so sure, then this is probably not a compelling offer, and your recipients will likely ignore it. Run the offer by a few other people, and if necessary, test the deal on a small batch first to see if it works.

4. Being Cheap on Creative.
If you don’t have a graphic designer in-house, and you’re not exactly comfortable with Photoshop, make sure you hire a competent and professional graphic designer. The subtle nuances of good graphic design – for both the envelope and its contents – and the impressions it creates for your prospect –  are critical and should not be underestimated.

5. Not Following Up.
You’ve put so much work in to launching your direct mail campaign.  Now what is your follow-up plan to nurture recipients and convert them to customers. Don’t just mail the campaign and wait by the phone. Get prepared to interact and field the questions and concerns  of these potential customers. Besides the immediate revenue these folks represent, this is also where you learn more about how to fine-tune your offer moving forward. So send follow-up emails and even do some phoning to see who is ready to hire your company or has something to say that will benefit your future marketing.

These are mistakes to avoid and here are tips to maximize your success: 9 Ways To Profit From Direct Mail Marketing.